Register your own employees via NOWJOBS

Are your student assistants and part-time workers already a well-functioning team? Never change a winning team! You can hire your own temporary staff at a favourable rate via the NOWJOBS app or the desktop version. This is a simple and digital way to build up a flexible pool of reliable employees. This is a dream team with which you can cover your future shifts!

Curious about the costs of such a dream team? With our price calculator you can find out what the payroll will cost in total! And the administration? We'll take care of that!

How does Payrolling work?


Download the app or visit the desktop version

Download the NOWJOBS app or register on our website here.


Register your company

Once you are registered, you can complete your profile. The more detailed the profile, the more attractive the company is for students. Make your employees proud to work with you!


Invite your own employees

Let your student assistants scan your personal QR code from your company profile. This way you invite them to register with NOWJOBS. Once they have created a profile, they will automatically be added to your favourites. Is someone not at your place right now? Then simply send the invitation link via SMS, email or WhatsApp.


Send a contract offer

Job on offer? You know exactly who you want for this shift. Simply send the person a contract offer via the app.


Go for the win (without paperwork)

The employee (m/f/d) receives a notification in the app, accepts the job and... gets started! That's all you have to do, because we take care of the rest: from the insurance to the employment contract to the payment.

More than 60 companies employ their staff via NOWJOBS.