Discover flexible part-time jobs for students nearby!

As a student, you can find job offers in many different fields via the NOWJOBS app. No matter whether you are in Cologne, Aachen, Mannheim or Kaiserslautern - you will always find a part-time job near you. We offer you many opportunities to earn money flexibly alongside your studies and improve your tight finances.

Where do you want to work?

You're studying in Cologne and fancy a side job? Discover exciting job opportunities.
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In Aachen you will find numerous companies where you can work and earn extra money while studying.
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Flexibility is essential for students who are looking for a job. We offer you jobs that are compatible with your schedule.
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Are you studying in Kaiserslautern and looking for a student job? Work wherever and whenever you want.
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In which sector do you want to work?

With NOWJOBS you can find a part-time job in various sectors and earn some extra money during your studies. We offer you jobs in gastronomy, retail, at events or in logistics. You decide where, when and how you want to work.
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Know your pay!

You can immediately see how much you'll earn per hour. Earn flexible money through the NOWJOBS app or wreak havoc on your favorite bars - the choice is yours.

Study hard and easy money

Why choose between studying and making money? With NOWJOBS, you can have both. No fixed shifts, no boring routine jobs.

Something for everyone

NOWJOBS ensures a good match between you and companies. We check your preferences and availability so you can find the job that suits you best.

Positive vibes = positive mind

Read reviews about employers before you start. You can also receive reviews. If they're positive, you'll get accepted even faster.


You'll meet people in various fields - both personally and professionally. A good network is always useful.

24/7 available

During halftime at the football game, in the bathroom, or while sitting in lectures: the NOWJOBS app is always there for you, anytime and anywhere.

Your city is not yet on the app?

You can't find any job offers in your area in the app yet? Then send us a message at and we'll see what opportunities are available in your area.

You can also recommend companies in your area as new employers for the NOWJOBS app and receive €50 in addition to your first side job via the app. The company simply has to register with us as a customer, publish job offers and employ NOWJOBBERS.