Learn more about the story of NOWJOBS

NOWJOBS - a realisation of House of HR & TIMEPARTNER

House of HR launched NOWJOBS in April 2017. Our purpose? To create an application that strongly responded to the further digitalisation of the recruitment market. We did exactly that. Five years later, we’re meeting the needs of everyone who wants to make a quick buck, ánd of the sectors that often need to quickly fill temporary staff shortages—hospitality, logistics and retail.

After the huge success in Belgium, NOWJOBS was also launched in the Netherlands in 2019 and in France in the summer of 2021. Of course, Germany could not be left behind. Therefore, in June 2022 the German version of the application was launched in Aachen in cooperation with TIMEPARTNER, the German recruitment company that specialises in staffing blue collar profiles. Since September 2022, the app is also available in Cologne. 

Our story

2017. House of HR launched "NOWJOBS" in April 2017. After the launch in Ghent - Belgium, the success of NOWJOBS spread rapidly throughout Belgium.
2018. Number 1 app in Playstore/AppStore. 
2019. Since September 2019, the app has also been active in the Netherlands
2021. In May 2021, NOWJOBS was launched in France.
2022. In June 2022 also in Germany
2023. In France, we merge with StaffMe and launch our application under the StaffMe Powered by NOWJOBS brand.
2023. In June, we organised our first international seminar with more than 200 happy NOWJOBBERS! And that team just keeps growing.

Our team

There are no robots behind our future-oriented platform, but real people. We are a motivated and dynamic team in which humour and hard work go hand in hand. In our company with start-up character, there is a lot of room for personal commitment and innovative ideas.


Our values

We are changers

Our working environment changes every day: from rapid technological developments to changes in the labour market. At NOWJOBS, we take change as our motivation to evolve and optimise our product. We think outside the box, we test, we analyse. Does it deliver good results? Then we implement it! And if not, we have learned something new.


We are teamplayers

The NOWJOBS team is a coalition of people with a common vision. But we are also a team of people with different backgrounds, expertise and talents! When we combine all this knowledge, we know much more than each person individually. So we always find the best way to deal with change. And even more: when we appreciate each other's strengths and listen to each other's ideas, change becomes our strength!

We are grateful

We get down to business, we lift each other up! Our team respects each other, even when we face a challenge. We appreciate the bad days, which are inevitable and indispensable: They remind us of days when we made a record number of clients and staff happy. We are grateful for these days of success and also for the difficult moments when we support, complement and strengthen each other.


We are goalgetters

We know what we want; we believe in it; we make a plan; we work for it. Our goal? To become Europe's largest digital recruiter of part-time job seekers! That's quite a challenge... but we're taking it on, step by step. With a strong team in every country we operate in, an international network and consideration of local developments, automated back-office processes and the best product on the market - we get the job done!

We take responsibility

As a brand of TimePartner Personalmanagement GmbH, we have been part of the House of HR Germany Group since 2021, a group of companies headquartered in Hamburg that unites numerous HR companies under one roof.

Our parent company, House of HR Germany GmbH, has established a Code of Conduct for the group of companies and has committed to act accordingly. The Code of Conduct includes topics such as diversity and inclusion, working conditions as well as environmental protection and sustainability.

To underline this, our group of companies endorses the Diversity Charter by signing it and has also committed itself to the principles of the iGZ Code of Ethics.

With the introduction of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act ("Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz - LkSG"), we would like to continue to pay increased attention to compliance with corporate due diligence obligations to avoid human rights violations as well as environmental protection violations in supply chains. Therefore, we commit ourselves in our group-wide Code of Conduct to compliance with the due diligence obligations according to § 3 LkSG.

In accordance with § 10 of the LkSG, you can find our annual policy statement here:

Retrieve policy statement (01.01.2022)

Retrieve policy statement (01.10.2023)

Likewise, our employees have the opportunity to easily and discreetly report inappropriate behaviour in the workplace via the SPOT platform. You can find all further information and our H&V policy here.

In addition, the House of HR Germany group is constantly striving to make everyday life more sustainable.
Therefore, for example, the company obtains electricity from renewable energy sources and, as a B.A.U.M sponsoring member, is also guided by the B.A.U.M Code of Conduct for Sustainable Business.