How does NOWJOBS work for companies?

Peak season is coming up, permanent employees are absent due to holiday or illness, or a last-minute order comes in - at times like these, your company needs extra support. Thanks to NOWJOBS, you can find flexible staff and helpers who have your back.

Our database contains more than 3,500 flexible and motivated students. They'll be ready to work for you the next time you need them. And we take care of the paperwork! 

They help, we manage. Wondering how that works? Read all about the concept of NOWJOBS here.


A staffing agency in your pocket? That's the NOWJOBS app! NOWJOBS is 100% digital and available 24/7. You can post your job ads for free and at any time via the app. So you can find the perfect temporary help in just a few clicks.

The desktop version

The future is digital. And the future starts ...NOW! In addition to a handy app, NOWJOBS also has a desktop version with a tool for personnel planning and a tool for recording working hours. This way you keep track of everything and can easily react to unexpected changes.


Are you currently looking for employees? Then of course you want to hire them as soon as possible. We have more than 3,500 hard-working student workers in our pool just waiting to get started.

Upload your job ad for free and watch the applications roll in one after another. Happy with your NOWJOBBERS? Add them to your favorites and invite them for future shifts!


Why would you change a winning team? With NOWJOBS, you don't have to! Via the NOWJOBS app or the desktop version, you can also register your own employees at a favourable rate when they are studying. This way you can easily and digitally build up a flexible pool of reliable temporary staff. Useful for future jobs!


Whether you want to employ new staff or tried and tested employees, NOWJOBS makes your daily life easier: from taking over the personnel administration to paying wages to anyone who wants to earn a little extra. This way you can focus on what really counts: a growing company, satisfied customers and a pleasant working atmosphere! Do you work with the desktop version? Then the free tool for personnel planning will make your administration even easier.


How to add favorites?

Add your favorites in the NOWJOBS app