How do I know if someone will actually come to work?

After you have sent a contract proposal to someone, that person has the option to accept the proposal. Once the contract proposal is accepted, the person can sign the contract and you will be notified.

Can I change the number of hours in a contract?

You can change the contractually regulated number of hours in the app. On the tab "Planning" you have the possibility to change the original number of hours and the date of the contract. Once this has been changed, the student will receive a new contract proposal in the app, which he/she can accept.

How is the length of the shift communicated?

Through NOWJOBS, students are paid monthly. As an employer, it is important to always confirm the hours in the app or via the desktop version as soon as the shift is finished. This can be done via the "To do" tab on the app's home screen or via the "Time recording" tab.

Can I cancel a contract?

If you want to cancel a contract for any reason, you can request this via the planning in the app. If you click on the student's name and then on "Edit", you have the option to cancel the contract. When cancelling, you as the employer must provide a reason and the student must also agree.

Our warning notice system

Reliability & quality is of enormous importance to us at NOWJOBS.

Agreements must be kept to avoid being left without extra help at the last minute. For this reason, warning notices are built into the app that employees (m/f/d) receive when they cancel shifts without a valid reason or do not show up.

They receive warnings in the following cases:

  • Student cancels shift 3 days in advance = No warning notice.
  • Not showing up for work without giving notice = 4 warning notices.
  • Cancellation of a shift without good reason within 24 hours before the start of the shift = 2 warning notices.
  • Cancellation of a shift without good reason more than 24 hours before the start of the shift = 1 warning notice.

If there are 4 warnings, the student's profile will be locked in the app and he or she will no longer be able to work!