Work contract

I am waiting for a contract offer, what does that mean?

Once you have expressed interest in a vacancy, the employer will be notified. Once the employer has made their choice, you will receive further notification as to whether or not you have been selected for the position. Some employers are very quick to select a suitable student, others prefer to take their time.

What do I do in case of illness?

Always inform both the company and NOWJOBS about your absence before you start work. You can simply send an email to

How do I know if the company has selected me for the job offer and what is the further procedure?

As soon as the company selects you, you will receive an offer in the app, which you can accept. A contact person from NOWJOBS will then contact you to arrange an appointment to sign the employment contract. On the agreed date, you will sign the employment contract at a TIMEPARTNER location near you. Before your assignment begins, you will also receive a reminder by text message and as a notification in the app.

How do I sign my employment contract?

Before signing the employment contract, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. The employment contract will then be signed at the TIMEPARTNER branch closest to you. Don't worry - TIMEPARTNER has around 185 locations in Germany. There is certainly one near you.

I want to cancel my job

In the app, you can cancel your shift under the 'Planning' section. Please do so in time to avoid causing any inconvenience for your employer. The employer will be notified within the app, and the reason you provide will be assessed by our Success Consultants. If the reason is found to be invalid, you will receive a warning for the cancellation. Warnings can negatively impact your personal ranking.


Explanation of the NOWJOBS Alert System (Important for Maintaining an Attractive Profile for Companies)

Reliability is important to us at NOWJOBS. When a company requests extra assistance and you accept the agreement in the app, our customers depend on your commitment.

Agreements must be honored to avoid leaving employers without last-minute help. Therefore, the app includes warnings if you cancel your shift or fail to show up.

You will receive warnings in the following cases:

  1. Not showing up for work without notice = 4 warnings.
  2. Canceling a contract without a valid reason within 24 hours before the shift's start = 2 warnings.
  3. Canceling a contract without a valid reason more than 24 hours before the shift's start = 1 warning.

If you accumulate 4 warnings, your profile will be locked in the app, and you will no longer be able to work!

Are you feeling unwell or need to cancel a shift for a valid reason? Please refer to our FAQs for information on canceling jobs and what to do if you are ill.