NOWJOBS is 100% digital. Except for our team!

We don't have robots, but a team of motivated people who combine a good dose of humour with hard work. With a lot of energy and knowledge, we make sure that our NOWJOBS app and the desktop version work optimally for companies and students every day. In our company with its start-up character, there is plenty of room for personal commitment and innovative ideas.


Say "Hello" to SALES

Sales ensures that more companies with job vacancies can be found in the app. This means that even more students can find their perfect new part-time job via NOWJOBS!

Tim (our Country Manager), Lisanne (Operations Manager) and Susanne (Sales Manager) are currently in charge of NOWJOBS sales in Germany.

Would you like to join our sales team? We currently have vacancies:

Meet the SUCCESS-Team

The Success Team, consisting of Tina, Regina, Stefan and Nadine, lives up to its name! Our Success colleagues are the first point of contact for companies and students when it comes to advice on the NOWJOBS app, legislation, contract agreements and much more. They also take care of all employment contracts and payroll accounting. Success guaranteed!


Our marketing department makes sure that companies and students can find our app! Pauline and Max draw attention to the NOWJOBS app with informative emails, offline campaigns at universities and entertaining social media posts. So nobody has to miss out!

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Internationales Produkt & IT-Team

An intuitive application for students and companies, a platform that is available around the clock and a partner that takes care of all the administration: NOWJOBS is all of this! We owe this to a strong product team that defines which functions will be integrated into the app and what they will look like.

IT is constantly evolving, so our IT people aren't standing still either! Using the latest software, they implement the ideas proposed by the product team. In this way, our IT crowd develops an intuitive and accessible application with features that make life as easy as possible for companies and students.


That's how cool we are...

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