How does NOWJOBS work?

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You wanna work NOW! But HOW? Use the NOWJOBS app to find a part-time job that meets your needs. A student employment agency for your pocket.

Download the app, swipe through job offers from companies in your area and start immediately as a working student or mini-jobber. Finished the job? Then your salary will soon arrive in your account.

Step by step: How the NOWJOBS app works

With the NOWJOBS app, you can find a great student job in no time that aligns with your studies and your timetable. Discover here how you can simply and quickly get your ideal part-time job using the NOWJOBS app.

Step 1

Download the app and complete your profile!

Forget about dating apps because swiping through our job offers is more rewarding! Grab your smartphone and download our app from the App Store or Play Store. Fill out your profile as much as possible: the more information you provide, the more you'll catch the attention of employers, and the faster you'll find a match. Apply for the job offers that make your heart beat faster!

Step 2

Apply in a few seconds

With the NOWJOBS app, you decide where and when you work. Swipe through our large selection of job offers 24/7 and follow your gut feeling: you'll see the location, time, and how much you'll earn. Apply with just a few clicks and keep your fingers crossed for approval!